When Thursdays aren’t so Special Anymore

“P1: Soooo are we meeting up tonight?

P2: Sure, I guess

P3: If you guys are going I’m going too

P4: Oh, was that tonight?

P5: I’m coming but will be late! Sorry ”


Sounds familiar? Why does this happen? What is this phenomenon–didn’t you all once look forward to game day? The word is whispered in many circles, and feared by many Game Masters alike. The Burnout.




RPG Burnout is common, specially with the rise in popularity of dungeons and dragons in our local community. It happens; you’re just not as enthusiastic as you were before. Today we’re here to talk about the signs of gaming Burnout and ways to deal with them.

Now for me currently, we have a weekly gaming schedule every Thursday for D&D. It’s great, but that’s not the issue. The issue is what happens when you decide that you don’t feel like playing anymore.

Now specifically for Adventurer’s League, you can’t go jumping from one hardcover to another as much as before, since the last update. This forces you to create a new character. Unfortunately, I’m not one of the more creative ones that can invest so much in so many character. Here’s a few ways I decided to deal with TRPG (Tabletop Role-Playing Game) Burnout.

1. Try a totally different game.

Try something completely different. I recommend The End of the World by Fantasy Flight Games where you play as yourselves in the likely scenario that the world will end then and there, are you prepared? Scenarios include, Zombie Apocalypse, Wrath of the Gods, Alien Invasion, and Rise of the Machines. It might give you a new perspective– or make you miss your old game.




2. Try the old-school D&D.

Why not try older versions of D&D to see the history and how the game evolved and was refined? The brief history about the game you are playing now may give you a new found appreciation for it, or you might even prefer the earlier editions.



3. Run a game instead of playing a game.

Try your hand at playing god–maybe that’s the character that truly suits you.  There are simple modules out there that can help you start out, and since you have been playing for a while now it shouldn’t be that hard to put on the GMing hat. Putting on the shoes of the DM makes you appreciative of what your GM has to put up with.




4. Go socialize with your friends.

Maybe  just hang out with your friends– y’know, as real people. *GASP* You’d be surprised, they have hobbies and other things, they’re not just murderhobos you hang out with every weekend.



Well that’s it for today, let us know what kind of Burnout remedies you have for THE BURNOUT.


– Temman Dander, Monk Halfling

About The Author

Kyle Oreta

Here we have a curious soul, named “Kyle Oreta”. Brainy, Kind, pudgy. As a kid, he would imagine playing D&D influenced by the episode in Dexter’s laboratory. Fast forward Aug 2015, a friend dropped him a line to finally try D&D for the first time. He enjoyed it but sadly it was a one shot. A few months later another chance was given to play a game but he didn’t really think it would play out long so he made a throw away character. And that’s how Temman was born. He was able to DM to his fellow snitches but unbeknownst to him he would make a truly horribly lucky roll. A new player joined the game to give D&D a chance. Which was no problem for our hero. But on the final battle, the mighty dragon let out his mighty breath and turned the player to a puddle of acid. He rolled a damage of 24. Players full life was 12. Shocked by the turn of events. The player never recovered from the experience. And our unfortunate hero laid his DM book to rest. For now, he is the standing QA person for the whole snitch operation. Will he ever get back to DMing? Only time will find out.

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