Local scribes have been hard at work, creating tales for adventurers to listen to while among the campfire. They range from the terrifying to the ridiculous; from the things that go bump in the night to the little blobs we know as slimes. There also seems to be a tale of a trading post, high … Continued

Tips For The New DMs

So as of late, an influx of new DM’s are popping up, especially in the AL community with all of the Zealot of Oghma awards appearing on the page. So with that, we’re going to be providing some tips for the new DM’s, veterans can also reap the benefits of this if needed! 1. Don’t … Continued

Against The Meta

In Dungeons and Dragons, we tend to face a lot of bumps in the road from both the Player and DM’s end. This is normal, however it is also an inconvenience to all those in the game. Cases such as DM’s going out of their way to kill players and players knowing where some things … Continued