Rrakkma, a hunting group made up of Gith, whose main prey are the Mind Flayers who had once enslaved them. Join the Greasy Snitches, in partnership with Roll Play Game Lounge and be part of the Rrakkma!


The adventure shall take place in the Roll Play Game Lounge, 1627 United St, Mandaluyong, 1554 Metro Manila from 10AM-6PM on the day of May 14, 2018!

The event shall be a store exclusive event, meaning that only stores that are part of the Wizards Play Network (WPN) are eligible as venues for play.

There is a P99 gaming fee in Roll Play. There are also drinks, dice, and minis which are purchasable on-site if you’re interested!

This is going to be a first, as anyone can play, since pre-generated characters are provided and will be used for this adventure. So even if this is your first-time journeying with us, you are certainly free to join in.

A special certificate shall be awarded to those who will finish the module! What kind of secrets does this adventure hold?

Pre-Reg Form: https://goo.gl/ZM9tUR
Reservation Status: https://goo.gl/yi9NNP

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