Recently, there have been some announcements appearing on websites about what the next season for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition is, however, right now we only have hearsay and our own speculation.

Now I’ve asked a few people about their predictions on what the next season will be, including a few Greasy Snitches and other members of the community.


What do you think the main theme of Season 8 will be and why so?


“To be honest, I believe it will have something to do with either the Feywild, or the Netherese. One of the reasons why I believe in the two because of how different each season are from one another (with the exception of Tyranny of Dragons and Elemental Evil, which both dealt with cultists.)

Feywild is a very niche thing in D&D so far, so maybe if they’re going for variety, they’ll introduce it like they did with Barovia.

Any Netherese or desert-themed stories may be possible because of the history as well as the possibility of prominent characters (like Larloch) to appear. But may be less likely.

I’ve heard of people try Spelljammer or the Astral Plane, or something about Thay.

But I highly doubt it would have something to do with Thay because we just dealt with the undead in Season 7. And the Red War is an AL-specific thing.

Though. Seeing how WotC has been on a nostalgia trip with Curse of Strahd, TYP, and Tomb of Annihilation, bringing back prominent characters from previous editions and stories, it’s possible that it might be related to Spelljammer or something.”

  • Kristoff, Former Child, Current Man-child


“Planeswalking or Spelljammer factors. Probably more world-travelling, WotC still hasn’t done eastern adventures, like going full Mists of Pandaria”

  • Kevin Haber


“Hahahahaha yung sinasabi ko noon pa. Undermountain  We have opened the Yawning Portal na eh. The gate to the undermountain. And lore wise undermountain is the largest dungeon in Faerun. Malay natin sa sunod sunod na kaguluhan ng Faerun mejo nanginig yung Undermountain at may nagising sila hahaha. It can be the return of halaster din >:) as BBEG or some other BBEG who is controling his dead body. Hahahahaha. Di ko pa nakikita yung sinasabi nilang stream about next season eh so yan lang hula ko noon pa xD”

  • Daniel Philippe Overa


“I have a feeling it’ll be about a massive dungeon somewhere under Waterdeep, which has access to other planes. Let’s just say a certain beholder with a gold fish gave me a tip.”

  • Paul Gabat, Head Snitch


Now, my opinion is that, the next season would be the Blood War or a Planeswalker type of adventure, especially with the release of Mordekainen’s Tome of Foes. The reason for this is because Xanathar’s Guide to Everything utilizes many things from the other planes, such as the Gloom Stalker and Shadow Sorcerer to the Shadowfell, and the Horizon Walker to the Fey wild. Whilst the Tome of Foes shows us the statblocksof the devils and demons.


Recently, Wizards of the Coast had released an article with a link to a livestream which is happening pretty soon! Also, on YouTube, there’s a video from Dice, Camera, Action which gives some hints for the next Hardcover adventure from Wizards.




Well you’ve heard it from us, but these ideas aren’t set in stone, let’s hear what you guys think the next season will be!

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