Fai Chen’s Fantastical Faire


“Ah, you like what you see—what exquisite taste!”

Fai Chen is coming to town and he has different magic items for trade — as well as pets, trinkets, estates, and consumable magic items available for purchase.

Who is Fai Chen?

A temple monk from the time he came of age, Fai Chen was expelled from his order for his indiscretions, a story he doesn’t relate to others. After falling in with a group of adventurers, he traveled far and across Faerûn in search of treasure and danger, attempting to put his ascetic days behind him. After a terrible encounter with a mummy, he never truly healed from the battle but took it as a sign to abandon his adventuring career, converting his meager collection of curiosities and magic items acquired during his dangerous stint into his Fantastical Faire—a traveling shop of wonders.

Fai Chen’s Fantastical Faire Rules

Once per day at an event where the Faire is available, a player may:

  1. [ACTION] Trade for one permanent magic item or purchase one of Fai Chen’s special certificates (pets, locations, items, etc.);
  2. [BONUS ACTION] And purchase one consumable magic item.

Once they have performed these trades, they must wait until the following day to perform other trades.

STEP 1: Prepare your complete Adventurer’s League Log Sheet of the character that will make the trade or purchase an item.

  • When trading a permanent magic item, the source of the item must be indicated in the Log Sheet (eg +1 Quarterstaff from DDAL07-03 A Day at the Races). For the following items: +1 Weapon, +2 Weapon, +1 Armor and +1 Shield, the character must pay the cost of the weapon or armor found in a player resource. If the character already possesses the item, the character needn’t purchase it again.
  • When purchasing a special certificate and/or a consumable magic item, the gold pieces of the last adventure log should be equal or more than the cost of the item purchased.

Permanent magic items are traded on a one-for-one basis. The item the character is receiving must either be an item of equal rarity, but may “trade down” in Fai Chen’s favor. For example, Icarus may trade her +2 dagger (rare) for Fai Chen’s +1 shield (uncommon), but not vice versa.

Consumable magic items can’t be traded.

Uncerted items can be traded.

Trades require an expenditure of 15 downtime days per the normal rules for trading magic items.

Trading a certed item, however, waives the downtime cost, and the certificate is added to Fai Chen’s “gently-used” stock. Any remaining gently-used item certificates must be destroyed at the end of the event.

STEP 2: Place your order in the Fai Chen’s Log

STEP 3: Fill up your Adventurers League log sheet:

Players are encouraged to use the Fantastical Faire as a meeting ground to trade with other players.

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