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So first things first, “What is ‘Dragon Sickness’?”, you ask. According to Urban Dictionary, Dragon Sickness is “The growing greed and desire for gold and treasure” which shows the typical example of a Dragon. The sickness itself is called a few other things such as Gold Sickness or Gold Fever, it will be called Dragon Sickness for the sake of the article


Adventurers, such as yourself, develop this disease when they buy their first set of TRPG necessities such as dice and such. Symptoms of the disease include: Hoarding of materials, buying dice in bulk, and sudden loss in cash. The Dragon Sickness rapidly spreads throughout the community as one is slowly encouraged to buy the necessities of TRPG. Games which requires a fistful of dice is a powerful source for the disease.


One can avoid the sickness by first improving your immunity by stopping the temptation of acquiring the dice in the first place. A way to cure the sickness would be to simply accept that you have enough, this is difficult compared to prevention, as the sickness has already infected the brain.


Kidding aside, Dragon Sickness is something which plagues the community to this day, as Adventurers such as you and I tend to acquire new sets of dice and the like in order to sate our inner dragons. This, however, is a problem for our adventuring income which we need for other things, such as food and lodgings. If one were to have such problems, then one might be a hoarder; do not automatically assume this as one might only have tendencies and not actually be a hoarder. To handle things such as hoarding, one would need to handle things in such a way wherein one learns to let go. Learning the difference of hoarding or not would be the first and most important step in such, one can refer to the link below on steps on how to handle it.


So after learning all of that. Do you have Dragon Sickness? Or not?



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