Between life, gaming, and even more gaming, juggling my schedule to fit in everything I want to do has been a challenge. Do I read my newest RPG setting book, or should I read this new core rule book for a new system I’ve been dying to try out? Or perhaps I should actually read a history book for the campaign I’m currently running? It’s a challenge for me, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this conundrum (or at least, I hope I’m not alone in this). More often than not, I end up spending the time I allocated for reading on deciding what I should read.

Running Call of Cthulhu games requires me to have a lot of knowledge of American & European history, and unfortunately for me, all the knowledge about the topic seems to have slowly slipped away as soon as I finished my high school exams. Add that to my reading list, and I find myself buried in an overwhelming mountain of reading backlogs. So when I came across this Youtube channel that reads Lovecraftian works & that of H.P. Lovecraft’s contemporaries, I was super excited to realize that I could do my household chores all the while absorbing information that I could later use in my games.


Horror Babble is a UK-based production company that does audio books, dramatic readings and music. They have a WIDE selection of books you can just pop on and listen to while you do your dishes, homework, exercises (I guess it’s a little too dreary for exercising, but hey, if it works for ya~), and a whole other slew of things. They’ve been SO helpful to me, and I hope this helps y’all too.

You can find them here:

Patreon: HorrorBabble

Twitter: HorrorBabble

Youtube: HorrorBabble


Well, that’s it for DM Inspirations–I’ll try to find more things that are helpful to GMs and players alike. Hit me up if you have any suggestions:!

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