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The Greasy Snitches believes that gaming, in all its forms and medium, can be a force for good. Taking inspiration from different groups, both local and international, the Greasy Snitches will host Conclave: Second Wind, a Dungeons and Dragons Charity Event for the benefit of Mindanaw Tripartite Youth Core in support of their Ayuda Ranaw program, particularly their Project 20 PH Initiative.


The Mindanaw Tripartite Youth Core is the Youth Desk of the Bishops-Ulama Conference, which serves as the inter-religious dialogue (IRD) program providing access and opportunity for the tri-people youth – the Indigenous People, Muslims, and Christians – in Mindanao in the light of dialogue peacebuilding.


MTYC established Ayuda Ranaw as the response mechanism for humanitarian assistance in the Ranaw communities, particularly in Marawi. It is a joint relief initiative and psychosocial service intervention of MTYC together with different organizations and partner institutions.


Last year, armed conflict erupted in Marawi due to the local ISIS cell, the Maute. With the government’s armed response, 98% of the city’s population was displaced, with citizens fleeing to evacuation centers in neighboring towns and cities. As a response to the crisis, Ayuda Ranaw launched the Project 20 PH Initiative to fund the Choco Champz Feeding program for IDP (internally displaced people) children in evacuation centers, and in local communities particularly in Marawi.


Conclave: Second Wind will feature the new epic from Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League, The Red War. In this multi-table, multi-tier cooperative adventure, adventurers race to save the citizens of Mulmaster from the sudden invasion launched by the Red Wizards of Thay.


As adventurers, you are not only trying to save the citizens of Mulmaster, but your efforts will have a direct impact in helping the citizens of Marawi City and its neighboring communities.

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Gerard first played D&D when he was in high school (around 15 years ago!). They only had 2 sessions before all characters died. They never got the chance to play again afterwards because their DM was no longer available. When they graduated in high school, they eventually parted ways & moved on from D&D. For the next couple of years, Gerard got hooked on role-playing games on PCs, most notably Neverwinter Nights. In 2015, while playing in a board game cafe in Taguig, Gerard saw a post looking for D&D players to join their game. Memories of high school D&D and the joy he had while playing rushed in. He eventually signed up for that D&D game…and the rest is history. So kids, this is how Gerard got back to D&D!

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