What is Conclave 2018?
Conclave 2018 is an official Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Adventurers’ League (AL) event held annually in the Philippines. It features D&D AL adventures, epics (see D&D AL), and special events (see SPECIAL ACTIVITIES). It seeks to promote the D&D roleplaying game through its community of players and Dungeon Masters (DMs). On its third year, Conclave is bigger and greater with more events and activities to see and do for the two full days of the complete convention experience at iAcademy.
How can I join Conclave 2018?
You need to submit a registration form at the official Conclave 2018 event page at the website http://www.greasysnitches.com/. You must submit your registration individually via the registration form, from which an email will be sent to you confirming your status of partial pre-registration. You complete pre-registration by making the necessary deposit of the Participation Fee via provided bank accounts and relaying said transactions to the same email sent to you before. Confirmation and reminder emails will be sent as you complete registration.
How much is the Participation Fee?
Players interested in joining Conclave 2018 must pay a Participation Fee of PHP 300.00 for a single day (their choice of Saturday, February 17, 2018 or Sunday, February 18, 2018) and PHP 500.00 for a full weekend (today days) pass.
What do I need to bring at Conclave 2018?
For completing the registration, please bring a valid photo ID and a thirst for adventure. For newbies, pencils and important character sheets will be provided as they come on campus. For veteran players, please bring your updated character sheets and AL log sheets which will be checked thoroughly by your DM/s.
Can I join more than one adventure?
Attendees can join a maximum of four (4) AL adventures. It’s recommended that players join the two (2) AL epic adventure sessions (one (1) epic per day) and at least two (2) AL modular adventure sessions (also one (1) different adventure per day). Players unable to attend Conclave entirely can avail a pass for only one day. Players interested must pay a Participation Fee of PHP 300.00.
If I joined more than one adventure, do I have to pay twice?
While players can avail a pass for a specific day of Conclave, they can also avail a full pass that will allow them access to all adventures in both days of the event, giving them the chance to participate in both epic adventure sessions. Players interested must pay a Participation Fee of PHP 500.00.
Can I switch tables with another player?
As long as the other player is willing and both of you have tier appropriate characters, you may switch tables. Please inform your DMs if you are going to switch.
If I already joined an adventure and I want to play something else, can I still change it?
You can request to switch to another adventure but will not be guaranteed as you stay in the waitlist until an opening in your preferred adventure appears; inform your DM. Otherwise, we recommend you try other adventures.
If the adventure at my table finishes early, can I join other tables?
If the DM is willing or if there is a new adventure starting, you are more than welcome to join the table! Please keep in mind that, like requesting to switch adventures, you will be placed on a waitlist until an opening in the adventure is created for you to fill in.
What if, for some reason, I won’t make it to Conclave but have made my payment?
As any form of refund is not allowed, we recommend indicating a replacement person (within five (5) days before Conclave 2018) to take your place via your registration email. Please advise the said replacement person to bring a valid ID for verification.
Can I write/record/video your event?
The hashtags are #GreasySnitches #Conclave2018 #LichesGetSnitches #DnDPH #DungeonsAndDragons. Any official coverage (public platforms) must email us first at inquiries@greasysnitches.com
What if I don’t want to play any of the games but still want to come?
Spectators are allowed at the event, although they should be mindful of not disturbing any of the players and specially the Dungeon Masters while games are on-going. (see PARTNERS & SPONSORS).
Can we bring food and other things in the venue?
Food brought in by players will be allowed only at the auditorium side corridors to avoid any mess on the carpeted floor. Other substances (alcohol, drugs, nicotine, etc.) are strictly prohibited. Belongings and valuables must be personally secured at all times. iACADEMY and CONCLAVE organizers will not be held responsible for such types of losses.
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Thanks for being a part of Conclave 2018– looking forward to seeing you there!


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