Every year, we try to make each Conclave harder, faster, stronger– wait, wrong line. We try to make the Conclave better for you. This year, we’ve prepared a few little somethings for you.





What is Fai Chen?

“Fai Chen” is a nickname for the D&D AL Trading Post, Fai Chen’s Fantastical Faire, named after the non-player character that manages it. It serves as a way for players to trade characters’ certified magic items to obtain other certified magic items. A trading post may have an array of magic items available, and some minor magic items (such as consumables) might be available for purchase.


So “who” is Fai Chen?

Fai Chen is a Human Monk, expelled from his order for indiscretions, a story he rarely relates to others. He traveled across the Forgotten Realms but after a terrible encounter with a mummy, he never truly healed from battle, and abandoned his adventuring career, parlaying his meager magic acquired into a traveling shop of wonders. He wanders Faerun in his mule-driven covered wooden cart as his home and his shop. He is accompanied by Drandeldew, a blue faerie dragon friend from his old adventuring days.


How does Fai Chen work?

Players can avail Fai Chen’s services at points of the day by bringing their character and AL log sheets, adhering to the following rules:

• Uncerted items can be traded.

• Trades require an expenditure of 15 downtime days per the normal rules for trading magic items.

• Trading a certed item, however, waives the downtime cost, and the certificate is added to Fai Chen’s “gently-used” stock. Any remaining gently-used item certificates must be destroyed at the end of the event.

Sometimes the trading post will offer consumable magic items for purchase with in character gold. To obtain a consumable magic item, the player must present their character’s log sheet and observe the following rules:

  • a) trade for one permanent magic item or purchase one of Fai Chen’s special certificates (pets, locations, items, etc.);
  • and b) purchase one consumable magic item.

Once they have performed these trades, they must wait until the following day to perform others.






What are D&D: Boardgames?

D&D: Boardgames are set in notable settings in the D&D universe and pits players against an enemy, a location or each other. Figures and dice may be used like in the tabletop roleplaying game, along with cards, tokens and game boards. Games available at Conclave 2018 include Lords of Waterdeep (LOW) and Tyrants of the Underdark (TOTU):

  • LOW – Be a masked Lord of Waterdeep and send adventurers to quests on your behalf to earn rewards and increase your influence. Expand by purchasing buildings that open actions on the board and hindering (or helping) players with cards to enact carefully laid plans. Gain the most points and resources from quests, buildings, intrigue or players using buildings you constructed and win the game.
  • TOTU – Lead a house of Drow in the Underdark. Build a deck of cards, with each card representing minions with different strategies. Promote minions to your “inner circle”, increasing their value at the end of the game. Gain points by controlling sites, recruiting valuable minions, promoting minions to your inner circle, and assassinating troops. Win the game by having the most points.


How can I play D&D: Boardgames at Conclave 2018?

To play D&D Boardgames, approach the D&D board game table and sign up (“first come, first served” basis). Conclave organizers and Fai Chen himself can also help you get started with the rules on playing any of the Boardgames available. As official activities of Conclave, trading with Fai Chen and playing the Boardgames will require a fee, with pricing similar to those participating in the D&D AL adventures and epics (PHP 300.00 for one day; PHP 500.00 for two days).







What is Artists’ Corner?

Artists’ Corner is a segment of the day that creates a venue for players wanting to have their characters immortalized through commissioned artworks and sketches! Players can approach artists to create drawings and other artwork depictions of their chosen D&D characters. Prices will depend on the artist they will be approaching for their commissioned works, granting players a variety of options when choosing for their preferred way of visualizing their characters.


What is D&D Marketplace?

The D&D Marketplace is a group of stores, shops and dealers that cater to the merchandise, equipment and memorabilia needs of the D&D player, DM and enthusiast! The Marketplace will feature items such as dice, mats, miniatures and figures, books, and others that can help bring about a more enriching experience while playing D&D.





The workshops are a series of seminars, workshops and lectures that seek to teach and train potential D&D players and DMs. Players can take part in introduction lectures and seminars on topics such as what D&D is, what is AL, and similar technical aspects of the game. Workshops for enriching players’ experience is also included, such as tips for getting better at being the DM, doing roleplaying and keeping up with AL standards and rules.

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