About The Author
The youngest soul in the group, Niccolo is a kid who has been interested in games or other worlds since he was young. He was introduced to the setting by his father long ago, before he even learned of the vast community that existed. Afterwards, he never had the chance to play again until after high school. Earlier in the year of 2016, he had looked around for a group to play with once more. Meeting the people who would later become the Snitches on May 2016. From there he had been using the experiences he had had in the games for his stories, using them as examples, no matter how stupid they were. Looking at you Temman.


Snitchfest: Rrakkma

Rrakkma, a hunting group made up of Gith, whose main prey are the Mind Flayers who had once enslaved them. Join the Greasy Snitches, in partnership with Roll Play Game Lounge and be part of the Rrakkma!   The adventure shall take place in the Roll Play Game Lounge, 1627 United St, Mandaluyong, 1554 Metro … Continued

Guessing Game: Wizards of the Coast’s New Hardcover

Recently, there have been some announcements appearing on websites about what the next season for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition is, however, right now we only have hearsay and our own speculation. Now I’ve asked a few people about their predictions on what the next season will be, including a few Greasy Snitches and other … Continued

8 Ways Tabletop Roleplaying Games Can Improve Your Life

So Tabletop Roleplaying Games or TRPG’s in short are one of the things which exploded recently, specifically Dungeons & Dragons because of its appearance in the series known as “Stranger Things”. With that, we’ll be discussing how TRPG’s can improve one’s life! 1. You meet new people In the world of TRPG’s, you’re required to … Continued

Tips For The New DMs

So as of late, an influx of new DM’s are popping up, especially in the AL community with all of the Zealot of Oghma awards appearing on the page. So with that, we’re going to be providing some tips for the new DM’s, veterans can also reap the benefits of this if needed! 1. Don’t … Continued

Against The Meta

In Dungeons and Dragons, we tend to face a lot of bumps in the road from both the Player and DM’s end. This is normal, however it is also an inconvenience to all those in the game. Cases such as DM’s going out of their way to kill players and players knowing where some things … Continued

Dragon Sickness: Do You Have It Or Not?

So first things first, “What is ‘Dragon Sickness’?”, you ask. According to Urban Dictionary, Dragon Sickness is “The growing greed and desire for gold and treasure” which shows the typical example of a Dragon. The sickness itself is called a few other things such as Gold Sickness or Gold Fever, it will be called Dragon … Continued