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Known to have fits of bloodthirst every full moon, Dungeon Master Lanz likes providing a challenge for every kind of player she encounters. By running one Curse of Strahd campaign after another, DM Lanz lived happily ever after. Everyone else around her, however, did not.


DM Inspirations: HorrorBabble

Between life, gaming, and even more gaming, juggling my schedule to fit in everything I want to do has been a challenge. Do I read my newest RPG setting book, or should I read this new core rule book for a new system I’ve been dying to try out? Or perhaps I should actually read … Continued

GAME OFFER: Call of Cthulhu

The gorgeous town of Kingsport is what dreams are made of. The burgeoning port town is as quaint and as pretty as a picture. Salty sea air blowing through your hair, stately Georgian mansions and brownstone houses lining streets, charming curios, shops, and mysterious libraries all around–Kingsport seems to be a town stuck in time. … Continued

GAME OFFER: Pulp Cthulhu

A voyage from San Francisco to Shanghai promises rest and relaxation, but an evil intent on controlling powers from beyond ensures this trip will be anything but restful! -Pulp Cthulhu Hey guys, your resident Arch Cultist here, looking for players to sacrifice try this PULP Cthulhu one-shot game! It’ll be on May 17, 2019, Friday, … Continued

How Well Do You Know Your Character? Hard Mode.

I’m a big role-player when it comes to tabletop role-playing games. If I don’t have a full backstory for my character, I find it hard to have fun in the game. Recently, a technique I’ve been doing to explore my characters is to answer a questionnaire–whether or not I like the questions asked. I’ve compiled … Continued

CONCLAVE 2018 FAQs: Special Events

Every year, we try to make each Conclave harder, faster, stronger– wait, wrong line. We try to make the Conclave better for you. This year, we’ve prepared a few little somethings for you.     FAI CHEN   What is Fai Chen? “Fai Chen” is a nickname for the D&D AL Trading Post, Fai Chen’s … Continued

What’s Adventurer’s League Play?

Ah, welcome! So you’ve found yourself in Adventurer’s League Play for the first time. I’m sure you have questions. I’ve seen into my crystal ball and tried to answer any questions you might have.   What is Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers’ League (D&D AL)? The D&D AL is an ongoing official campaign for D&D. It … Continued

CONCLAVE 2018 FAQs : What’s A Conclave?

What is Conclave 2018? Conclave 2018 is an official Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Adventurers’ League (AL) event held annually in the Philippines. It features D&D AL adventures, epics (see D&D AL), and special events (see SPECIAL ACTIVITIES). It seeks to promote the D&D roleplaying game through its community of players and Dungeon Masters (DMs). On … Continued