About The Author
Hello there! Have you met Duane? Duane is your friendly neighborhood dungeon master. He is an engineer by profession and a celebrity by delusion. He first played Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) 15 years ago and became a full fledged dungeon master more than a year ago. He treats D&D as improv sessions, and rules of improv apply; yes-and, listening and teamwork. He also believes that D&D or TRPGs in general should not be costly. That is why he makes DIY battlemats and printed minis. He especially fond of running games for newbies; welcoming them in the wonderful world of D&D. One of his frustration is that there are newbies who hear about roleplaying games, try it, and are turned away from the experience by having played with a poor game master. His quest is to improve himself, improve the quality of gaming for many and improve people’s lives through D&D. Wow, that’s a lofty ideal. Aside from TRPGs, he enjoys playing boardgames, cooking asian food and making origami. Duane is really friendly, so don’t be shy, ask him for a game.


Fai Chen’s Fantastical Faire

  “Ah, you like what you see—what exquisite taste!” Fai Chen is coming to town and he has different magic items for trade — as well as pets, trinkets, estates, and consumable magic items available for purchase. Who is Fai Chen? A temple monk from the time he came of age, Fai Chen was expelled … Continued