+1 longsword. Check. Explorers pack. Check. Five potions of Healing. Check. What else would an adventurer need to prepare for the Epic quests happening on CONCLAVE 2018? Well, it’s a good thing I am here to help you make your checklist! See my survival list below on what you should bring!

1. Dungeons & Dragons Paraphernalia

Updated Character Sheets – If you know which characters you would be using during the event, make sure you have their updated character sheets ready.

Updated Log sheets – Before you can participate in any adventure, your Dungeon Master (DM) is required to check your log sheets. Having an electronic version of your logs is fine too, as long as you can access it whenever a DM asks for it and you can edit it in real time. Also, Fai Chen will require you to have your log sheets ready before you can purchase or trade anything with him.

Certificates/AL Documentation – Make sure you bring all the certificates that your characters own. If one or more of your characters are using a special rule or a special magic item, please show the relevant AL documentation, log sheet entry, or certificates to your Dungeon Master before play. Also, if you plan to trade with Fai Chen, you may need your certificates to not have to spend downtime days on the trade. Get to know how to deal with Fai Chen Here.

Other things you will need to bring are dice, pencils, something to write on, and a good luck charm!

2. Rations

There will be water dispensers and paper cups available at the venue. However, if you want to drink something else, it’s best to bring one before you head to iAcademy.

Food – Good news! We have OnBoard Game + Gastro Pub selling food to our hardworking adventurers. Please take note that they will only be selling snacks and shakes. If you don’t want your hunger to disrupt you from playing, make sure you bring your own food or a lunch box! We encourage you to share!

McDonald’s, Jollibee, and Burger King are 3 blocks away from the venue (Valero Street). Google map link here: https://goo.gl/WN58HL

3. Car Parking

Unfortunately there is no free parking at the venue, if you are bringing your car, expect to spend some coin at nearby parking lots! Google map link here: https://goo.gl/dKsx3i. You have been warned.

4. Power Banks

If you rely mostly on your magical mobile devices when you play Dungeons & Dragons, make sure you bring a fully charged power bank (or two)! There will be electrical outlets available in the venue, but with the number of adventurers coming, treat a free electrical socket as legendary because of how rare it is to find one.

5. Background Noise

There will be over a hundred adventurers in the venue during the event, and all of them will be playing Dungeons & Dragons. Expect the noise level to be high. Prepare your mind and learn how to block background noise. Meditate before the event and if that doesn’t work, don’t be shy to ask your DM to speak louder if you cannot hear him/her properly. It will also help if you would observe proper etiquette and not be too loud during game time except, of course, if YOU ROLL A NATURAL 20! HELL YEAHHHH!!!

6. Gold Coins (Cash is fine too if you do not have gold)

I already mentioned that there will be a food stall available during the event. However, other magnificent merchants will also arrive and will set up art booths! Make sure you visit them! There’s nothing worse than missing out on all that rare loot because you lack some coin.

And there you have it! Let me know if I missed anything. Your survival on this event has gained an advantage! See you on February 17 and 18!

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