We are a not-so-secret group of nerds based in the Philippines who love playing Dungeons & Dragons, specifically D&D Adventurers League. Recently, we sold our souls and swore eternal servitude to the leader of the Zhentarim network. Now, we are tasked to bring all adventurers together in one place by creating events where we promote “fun and friendship” through adventures of all kinds. (In layman’s terms, we run tabletop RPG events. Sorry. I told you we’re nerds.)

Lanz Crisostomo

Growing up, Lanz watched her cousins play Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons, but was not permitted to play due to having an overactive imagination. So, she promised herself that she’d play the games when she got older, and instead satiated the call of arcane lore by immersing herself in books like Dragonlance, The Wheel of Time, and The Forgotten Realms. About a year ago, she found herself in a D&D group online, and found several people who wanted to find a regular D&D group. The next thing she knew, she and a handful of people were on a journey about friendship, love, and magic. Something went wrong in the course of this journey, and eventually, Lanz found herself drawn into the misty land of Barovia. It was then that she decided that she would forever drag unknowing adventurers into the Mist. And she lived happily ever after. Everyone else around her, however, did not. The End.

Likes: Wizardry, tomfoolery, grammar and making sure Barovia never leaves her players.

Dislikes: Temman the Monk.

Franco Merjudio

The residential healthcare person (insert Big Hero 6 reference), Franco is the one usually responsible for the movement of the Snitches. He is the Snitch Head of Operations and the Red Dragon of the group. Before playing D&D 5e in May 2016, he has had experience in D&D 3e and Modern. In May 2016, he met the group that would later become the Greasy Snitches. As time passed, the group became more involved with the community, and he became “happily” involved with the rest of the organization.

Likes: Bandaging Temman the monk up, whether it’s because of some foolish magical liquid he decided was okay to drink, or because he pissed off the wizard once again and she threw him a fireball.

Paul Gabat

Everyone knows Paul Gabat. No? Are you serious? Last seen in the urban jungles of Mandaluyong City, Philippines, Paul is a guy with a big imagination. He channels all that raw power to create and run Dungeons and Dragons games for veterans and newbies alike. He’s the Dungeon Master for a group of crazy but lovable people who would later call themselves the Greasy Snitches. Right now, he is in charge of the event logistics and finances of the group, making sure that everyone in the local community has access to affordable yet quality and sustainable Tabletop Role-Playing-Game events. He is also one of the administrators in the D&D Adventurers League PH Facebook page, a newbie-friendly community in the Philippines that participates in Dungeons and Dragons organized game play called Adventurers League.

Daniel Sumalabe

Dan has always been interested in anything related to Fantasy and Sci-Fi, with experience playing RPG’s solely thru video games like Baldurs Gate, Planescape Torment, Dragon Age, Skyrim, etc. However, he always felt that these games were lacking something and that was when his long dormant itch to finally try out Tabletop Role Playing Games particularly Dungeons and Dragons, surfaced.  In 2016 when someone posted about looking for a group in FB he decided to take the leap and little did he know that this group of idio…individuals would be people he would be meeting on a weekly basis for the next two years, and that he would come to consider them as really good friends. Ever since then, TRPGs have been a constant part of his life.

Likes: Metal, D&D, Vampire the Masquerade, Beer, Whiskey, Tea.

Dislikes: Mondays, commuting, slow internet.

Duane Galang

Hello there! Have you met Duane?

Duane is your friendly neighborhood dungeon master. He is an engineer by profession and a celebrity by delusion. He first played Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) 15 years ago and became a full fledged dungeon master more than a year ago. He treats D&D as improv sessions, and rules of improv apply; yes-and, listening and teamwork. He also believes that D&D or TRPGs in general should not be costly. That is why he makes DIY battlemats and printed minis.

He especially fond of running games for newbies; welcoming them in the wonderful world of D&D. One of his frustration is that there are newbies who hear about roleplaying games, try it, and are turned away from the experience by having played with a poor game master. His quest is to improve himself, improve the quality of gaming for many and improve people’s lives through D&D. Wow, that’s a lofty ideal.

Aside from TRPGs, he enjoys playing boardgames, cooking asian food and making origami. Duane is really friendly, so don’t be shy, ask him for a game.

Gerard Miguel

Gerard first played D&D when he was in high school (around 15 years ago!). They only had 2 sessions before all characters died. They never got the chance to play again afterwards because their DM was no longer available. When they graduated in high school, they eventually parted ways & moved on from D&D. For the next couple of years, Gerard got hooked on role-playing games on PCs, most notably Neverwinter Nights. In 2015, while playing in a board game cafe in Taguig, Gerard saw a post looking for D&D players to join their game. Memories of high school D&D and the joy he had while playing rushed in. He eventually signed up for that D&D game…and the rest is history. So kids, this is how Gerard got back to D&D!

Kyle Oreta

Here we have a curious soul, named “Kyle Oreta”. Brainy, kind, pudgy. As a kid, the way he imagined playing D&D was influenced by the episode in Dexter’s Laboratory. Fast forward Aug 2015, a friend dropped him a line to finally try D&D for the first time. He enjoyed it but sadly it was a one shot. A few months later another chance was given to play the game but Kyle didn’t really think it would play out long–so he made a throw away character. And that’s how Temman the infamous monk was born. He was able to DM to his fellow snitches but unbeknownst to him he would make a truly horribly lucky roll. A new player joined the game to give D&D a chance. Which was no problem for our hero. But on the final battle, the mighty dragon let out his mighty breath and turned the player to a puddle of acid. He rolled a damage of 24. Player character’s full life was 12. Shocked by the turn of events. The player never recovered from the experience. And our unfortunate hero laid his DM book to rest. For now, he is the standing QA person for the whole snitch operation. Will he ever get back to DMing? Only time will find out.

Loves: Partymates

Niccolo Estrella

The youngest soul in the group, Niccolo is a kid who has been interested in games or other worlds since he was young. He was introduced to the setting by his father long ago, before he even learned of the vast community that existed. Afterwards, he never had the chance to play again until after high school. Earlier in the year of 2016, he had looked around for a group to play with once more, and that’s where he met the people who would later become the Snitches on May 2016. From there on, he has been using the experiences he has had in the games for his stories, using them as examples, no matter how stupid they were. Looking at you Temman.

Chester Chua

Chester Chua is quiet and sometimes looks unapproachable but don’t worry as he is always happy to help and is friendly. He has been running and DMing games for quite some time. He started years ago with D&D and AD&D 2e but he stopped once D&D 4e came out. He returned to playing and running games when D&D 5th edition came out. He actively participates in events and conventions. Nowadays, he does not run too many D&D games, but he can be seen running all sorts of different tabletop rpg games from different systems. If you want to play or just talk about table top rpg games just message him and he will try his best to help you out to get the game that you want to play.