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The Snitches

We are a not-so-secret group of nerds based in the Philippines who love playing Dungeons & Dragons, specifically D&D Adventurers League. Recently, we sold our souls and swore eternal servitude to the leader of the...
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From Snitchfests to Conclaves, we’ve got your local D&D fix covered! Here’s our calendar of events.
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Snitch Events

GAME OFFER: Call of Cthulhu
The gorgeous town of Kingsport is what dreams are made of. The burgeoning port town is as quaint and as pretty as a picture. Salty...
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GAME OFFER: Pulp Cthulhu
A voyage from San Francisco to Shanghai promises rest and relaxation, but an evil intent on controlling powers from beyond ensures this trip will be...
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Snitchfest : Valleypoint
What is Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League? The D&D Adventurers League is the official organized play campaign for Dungeons & Dragons. It uses the 5th Edition Dungeons...
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Conclave 2018 Second Wind Charity : MTYC : Project 20 PH
The Greasy Snitches believes that gaming, in all its forms and medium, can be a force for good. Taking inspiration from different groups, both local...
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CONCLAVE 2018: Second Wind FAQ’s
Another Dungeons & Dragons event is coming here in Metro Manila and we want to make sure you know what you’re getting into! You have...
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Snitchfest: Rrakkma
Rrakkma, a hunting group made up of Gith, whose main prey are the Mind Flayers who had once enslaved them. Join the Greasy Snitches, in...
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Snitch Adventures

Take a look at the amazing home-grown adventures written by local writers!

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